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Getting fiberglass out of fabric?

Doing home renovations, we accidentally/stupidly got fiberglass insulation on the couch cover and pillows. It's also in our clothes. Is there a way to get it out in the washer? Will regular laundering do it? Do we pre-soak? Google wasn't much help with this. Thanks.
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Washing or soaking probably won't remove all the fibers that are embedded into the fabric. Try one of those tape rollers that get lint off clothes or even pieces of duct tape because it is stickier. This has worked for me before on small amounts of fiberglass.
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My brother in law did insulation for years. He just washed the clothes, but we tried to keep them in their own loads.

Whenever I am crawling around in attics, I need to wash my hands, exposed skin right away, or it drives me crazy. I also need to take off my shirt right away. That shirt then gets in the regular loads, because I don't do it that often, and I gap it out. Doesn't seem to affect the other clothes.

Furniture I would try just vacuuming off.

What kids of insulation was it?
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My wife used to work in a factory where finely cut fiberglass was a raw material. The workers there swore by adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to the washing machine load. Still do them separately.


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