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Why Wear Jodhpur pants?

Those funny pants with the wing-like projections at the thighs? What purpose does this serve? They seem to be favored by the horsey set-anybody know how these weird garments originated?
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They are designed with tight calves to tuck into knee-high riding boots, and loose thighs that don't bind up when you're riding. The loose thighs look silly when you're walking around the country club sipping your gin and tonic, but they're comfortable when you're out on the polo ponies.
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Why Wear Jodhpur pants?
Well, you wear em if you are Doc Savage, Man of Bronze.

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Because you paid $300 for them, and the sales lady repeatedly informed you that they were very flattering.

Well, that's the only reason I can see outside of attending a costume party or actually, you know, riding a horse.
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People wear them outside of polo?
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Originally Posted by Kythereia
People wear them outside of polo?
I have a book that shows jodhpurs worn by German pilots in WWII.
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They're also worn by Hollywood directors with ascots and monocles. And cigarette holders. And a megaphone. And a pencil moustache.
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For fucks sake Ralph!

When she says does my bum look big in this?

Then its your cue to say yes ....but its only because you're wearing Jodphurs,all fat bitches look like they've got big fat arses when they're wearing them,mostly because they've got big fat arses.

I'm still only halfway through my diplomacy course,but I think that I'm getting there soon.
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Because you want to show how very different you are?

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