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I love MSG!

Last night, my wife made a soup that was out of this world -- a vegetarian soup with kale and white beans and sweet potato. Now, my wife is, in general, a decent cook, but there are few things she makes that I rave about. But, as I said, this soup was fabulous, one of the best things she ever made.

Of course, I had to look into the ingredients, and was not all that surprised to learn that the magic ingredient was vegetarian bouillon cubes -- or in other words, MSG. What a difference-maker that stuff is! It's like there's a font of deliciousness in this world, and its name is MSG.

So that's my little paean to MSG. I just wish it didn't feel so much like cheating.
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It must be good, considering the sheer number of food items you find it in. Unfortunately, there's a few of us with internal plumbing that's intolerant of MSG. It would give me a perforated duodenal ulcer and I'd be in agony for several days if I ever ate anything with a lot of it in it, like Chinese food. I guess One man's meat is another man's poison and all that.

That soup does sound delicious. Lucky you!
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MSG. The single malt of sodium glutamates.
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MSG, it's one of my secret ingredients too. My roommate swears her head will explode if she consumes a single molecule of it, but she loves my cooking and I never tell her it's in there. Of course, I wouldn't do that if I hadn't already seen her consume foods I knew contained it. But I swear, 49 out of 50 people who say they're sensitive to it aren't.
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Am I the only one who popped in here thinking this was a "Michael Schenker Group" appreciation thread ? ;-)
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Originally Posted by cormac262
Am I the only one who popped in here thinking this was a "Michael Schenker Group" appreciation thread ? ;-)
My immediate thought was "Yeah, it's a nice enough arena, as long as the Knicks aren't stinking the place up..."
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Miso, ramen, boullon cubes...I love MSG and the umami flavor.
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MSG hits the fifth sense of taste identified by Japanese researchers, umami (translation: "deliciousness")
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Originally Posted by cormac262
Am I the only one who popped in here thinking this was a "Michael Schenker Group" appreciation thread ? ;-)
Nope. I went "MSG... now why do I recognize that... somewhere in the past... Hey, wait a minute - It's Michael Shenker Group...! Somebody writing a thread about how he/she loves Michael Shenker Group?! That can't be."
And of course, it wasn't.

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