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Sugar-free Gatorade?

Anyone have any idea where I can find this? kaylasmom has diabetes, but she also wants to keep her electrolytes replenished. I can't find the sugar-free Gatorade in the supermarket, and the personnel don't seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject.
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I drink Gatorade every single day and I don't think there is such a thing. It contradicts their whole idea of replenishing different things including carbohydrates. They recently came out with a diet version that has less sugar but that isn't what you are asking for.

It isn't completely sugar free but Pedialyte does close to what you are looking for and it tastes great to me.
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I'm not a diabetic, but I do watch calories, and I need something with electrolytes to drink at work, and I find that Crystal Light On The Go Hydration is palatable, and not too expensive. Just dump one into a 16.9 bottle of water. It comes in only two flavors, Lemon-Sort-Of, and Kinda-Berry, but it doesn't taste too bad.

My Wal-Mart carries it, but my Kroger does not.
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Can't they get the idea of replenishing different things not including carbohydrates?

Oh, well, thanks anyway; I'll let kaylasmom know.
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Sugar Free Sqwincher
Sqwincher "Lite" is a zero carb / zero calorie solution formulated for diabetics or consumers who are watching their daily carbohydrate intake. "Lite" contains the same levels of sodium and potassium as normal Sqwincher without carbs or sugars.

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Thanks for the tip on the Crystal Light, DDG.
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Tis' good. I can't drink regular drinks anymore because the're too sweet! Easy to loose weight like that.
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Powerade has a new Powerade Zero, sweetened with Sucralose and AceK. It's not bad tasting. No sugar, no calories.
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You should consider getting Smart Water. (that's the name brand) It's plain old water with just electrolytes added. No calories. No taste. I was having stomach problems a while back, particularly when working out, and this worked great, as I needed more electrolytes. Good luck.
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There is a new Gatorade product called G2, that is very low sugar.
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Originally Posted by aerodave
Powerade has a new Powerade Zero, sweetened with Sucralose and AceK. It's not bad tasting. No sugar, no calories.
I saw this at the grocery store last night. How is it different from Powerade Option, which has already been on the market for a few years? I was hoping it was zero calories/no sweetener. Artificial sweeteners taste like poison to me.
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Isn't Propel the sugarfree version of Gatorade? That's what I drink...
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Originally Posted by Duck Duck Goose
Lemon-Sort-Of, and Kinda-Berry
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Propel also makes little powder packets that you pour in a water bottle. It's got electrolytes and such but no (or next to no) calories.

I think I paid like $2 for a box that was sufficient for 10 or 12 bottles of water.

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