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Pronunciation of the word "Carbine"

At the shooting range I go to, whenever I talk to other guys there, they always pronounce the word Carbine as "carbeen." It doesn't matter whether they're old white haired veterans or guys in their 20s or 30s. This is Southern Indiana, where I am.

Is this a regional thing? Because my grandpa and my uncle - both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY - also say "carbeen."

The only explanation I can think for this is that when all these guys were in the military, everyone pronounced it that way, even their drill instructors. I can't imagine someone going through basic training with their drill instructors referring to the weapon as a "carb-eye-n" and then getting home and calling it by a different pronunciation. Something tells me the training makes a stronger impression than that.

What is the deal with this? What is it actually supposed to be called? I've always called it a "carb-eye-n" but I'm just about this close to going over to the other side and saying "carbeen" just so I won't feel so goddamn different.
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My daddy pronounced it carbean. does too. It has an audio.

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53% to 47% in favour of 'carbyne' at this forum.

I pronounced it 'carbyne' when I was a pre-adolescent. Somewhere along the way I switched to 'carbeen'. I don't know when or why.
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The dictionaries say that it's descended from the French word carabine which would be pronounced kar-a-beenuh (the ending uh isn't necessarily an intentional pronunciation.) But history aside, whatever people pronounce it most is what it is.

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