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What is the scent of baby powder?

Another thread about scented candles got me to thinking about this. Everyone can recognize the smell of baby powder as being unique. I know it's just talcum powder with a fragrence added. But can anyone identify the source of the scent? A particular flower? Spice? Herb? Combination of any or all of these?
I googled it but all I got was advertisements and warnings about talcum powder being a carcinogen.
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I don't know, but googling for the answer learnt they sell Zwitsal perfume. Zwitsal is the Dutch/European brand of baby scented skin care stuff, much like Johnsons is in the USA.

So whatever it is, it can be bottled.
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I think it's a blend of rose and vanilla, or perhaps another floral/vanilla. I made blackberry/vanilla candles once, and they smelled like a really expensive, high-end baby powder. I have no idea where I got this info, but I read it along the way somewhere as a candlemaker.
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Johnson and Johnson's Baby Powder scent is a proprietary blend. It's a huge secret, so huge that knowing it was one of the reasons my father couldn't get a job with Kimberly Clark. But that's another story.

Trying to duplicate it in aromatherapy class, I came up with a blend of synthetic voilet, peru balsam (which smells more vanilla-y than vanilla does), tonka bean absolute and synthetic musk. According to this article, I was on the right track. (Peru balsam and tonka bean have coumarin in them.)
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Heliotropium arborescens
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I don't know about J&J, but pure baby powder is made from ground babies (knock-off varieties are made with sky babies).
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Originally Posted by Rhythmdvl View Post
I don't know about J&J, but pure baby powder is made from ground babies (knock-off varieties are made with sky babies).
Don't forget to extract the baby oil first or the grinder will get all gummed up.
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Originally Posted by jasg View Post
Don't forget to extract the baby oil first or the grinder will get all gummed up.
Same holds true for emus.

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