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Fable 2: Need help resolving quest glitch

I've finished most of the quests, but the Archaeologist's Quest has given me a problem. While heading into the Gypsy Camp to deal with some bandits or slavers as part of another quest, my dog took off after the Dig Spot for the Archaeologist - the little message bar appeared and said, "Follow your dog."

As I reached that spot, the bad guys appeared and fighting ensued; the dog started fighting bad guys and lost the Dig Spot. When the fighting was over he wouldn't pick up the Dig Spot again, even with the Archaeologist set as my current Quest. I left the Gypsy Camp then returned, and he still wouldn't track it again. Switching the game off and back on, then going back to the Camp didn't solve the problem either.

Can somebody tell me exactly where to dig within the Gypsy Camp to pick up the damn scroll? Googling for help on this has just led to a bunch of walkthroughs listing places to find each artifact in the Quest. No help there - I already <i>know</i> it's in the Gypsy Camp... I just need to know which tree or bit of grass to dig up!

Help me, Straight Dope Gamers! You're my only hope!
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try going to the Gypsy Camp than feeding your dog a treat. Seems to me he likes to find stuff directly after a treat and being praised and such. Can't help you with an exact location though as I've not found that one yet

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