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How do you pronounce "Ashokan"?

Open-and-shut question: how do you pronounce "Ashokan," as in "Ashokan Farewell" and the Ashokan Reservoir?
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I've never seen the word before. I'd pronounce it 'a-show-can'.
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The writer of Ashokan Farewell pronounces it "uh-SHOW-kun"
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More info from the songwriter's website:
Ashokan is the name of a town, most of which is now under a very beautiful and magical body of water called the Ashokan Reservoir. I've heard it pronounced a-sh-kun, a-sh-kan, or sometimes sh-o-kn. The reservoir provides drinking water for New York City one hundred miles to the south.

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I lived up that way briefly in 2004. We pronounced it Ash-oh-kan. Equal emphasis on each syllable. It is indeed very beautiful, and the deer will let you get almost within reach of them.
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What once was
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I thought you were talking about the early Indian Buddhist period. . .
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Originally Posted by capybara View Post
I thought you were talking about the early Indian Buddhist period. . .
You weren't the only one. I was all set to weigh in, then thought: "reservoir? I don't know of any reservoir named after Ashoka."
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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
The writer of Ashokan Farewell pronounces it "uh-SHOW-kun"
I live nearby, that's more or less how I hear people say it. A lovely spot.
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I've heard both a-SHOW-kan and uh-SHOW-kun but the stress has always been on the middle syllable. No ASH-o-kan.
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Obligatory Monty Python reference.

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