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How do I make my Bluetooth fit more securely in my ear? (FREE cat pic included!)

I just got a Bluetooth which is pictured below. That's my hand holding it, and I have small hands for a male.

I also have small ears, apparently. The clear plastic hook intended to keep it securely placed when being worn in the ear goes over half an inch too high to do much good. When I wear the Bluetooth, it feels secure at first, but then gradually works its way out to where a sudden motion of my head could knock it out. Not only am I at risk of losing another Bluetooth, but when it gets loose it's difficult to hear well.

Does anybody else have this problem? Does somebody make a size-adjustable earhook for Blueteeth? In mine, the plastic hook is removable, and snaps onto the Bluetooth. It can be adjusted in the plane of the device, but does not swivel outward.

Do I know how to make people read a thread, or what?
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Kitty Cat!

I got nuthin....
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Get hot glue gun.

Apply generous dab to earpiece, then insert in ear. As glue cools, it'll form a perfect fit with your ear and it will never jiggle again.

Not responsible for third degree burns sustained to your ear or fingers as a result of this customization process.

Er, more seriously, I got nothin' - but good luck figuring it out.
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My response was to continue to buy new bluetooths until I found one that fit. I can't tell you how much I spent trying to find one and ultimately I now use the Jawbone II without the earhook. It's still not completely reliable. We can make hearing aids that fit inside the ear and I'm hoping that bluetooth manufacturers are going that direction. I suspect that they CAN make an almost invisible earpiece but don't because of the lack of brand recognition.

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I think Ruby has it. I have about ten BT headsets around the house. The latest is the Jawbone II as well. I haven't mastered it quite yet - the headpiece is supposed to touch your face and occasionally mine is hanging off.
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Hey, what am I doing in here?
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Bluetooth headsets that go in your ear suck. I tried about five different ones (including the Jawbone) before finally settling on the Motorola H500. Holds a charge forever and just sits on your ear.

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Yeah, some people's ears were not designed for technology. I cannot wear ear buds; they just won't stay deep enough into the ear canal. The only way I can hear through them is to keep them pushed in, continuously.
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What? Bluetooth? Sorry, I got nothin'.

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