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Recently I had the chance to ride in a Hummer equipped for off-road tours - lots of fun! The driver commented that our vehicle, equipped with a snorkel, would be able to function completely immersed in water for up to two minutes, but the military version could do so for 20 minutes.

I'm assuming he meant immersed in water up to the snorkel, otherwise it seems that the engine would be flooded anyway, but is that right? Can these vehicles actually drive while completely submerged? Also, I was curious as to whether the exhaust systems of Hummers, especially the military versions, need to be modified somehow to prevent water from getting in.

The Hummer website lets you have fun dreaming up your ultimate Hummer, etc., but doesn't give these sorts of specifics.
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This is not at all the question I thought it would be.

Anyone else annoyed that the Hummvee people have taken a perfectly wonderful euphemism and exploited it for filthy lucre by naming their yuppie status symbol after it? What's next: the Lincoln Felcher?

And, so, my answer to the OP: well, if you're not careful to keep at least one eye on the road while you're getting a hummer, you might very likely end up driving underwater (or over a cliff, or into a building lobby).
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I believe the hummer can only run if the snorkel is above water, military or not. The military versions I believe, are better able to keep the water out of the driving compartment, which accounts for the longer underwater time.
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I'd bet that the military ones are leakier than the civvies. There's just nothing inside a military truck that would be affected by a dunking, wheres a civilian Hummer has leather interior, CD players, etc. that don't like getting wet.

I've ridden in a real Army Hummer--it's loud, uncomfortable (unpadded canvas-over-metal seats), and the only electronic equipment is a waterproof 2-way radio.
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The military versions I believe, are better able to keep the water out of the driving compartment, which accounts for the longer underwater time.
AFAIK, the driving compartment is not watertight. Maybe the military can just hold its breath longer.
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Wow, I actually know this one. I used to be an 11H in the Army, which is to say I was an infantryman that got to ride in a Hummer. My specialty was the anti-armor TOW missle that was equipped on top of a hardshell Hummer.

The Hummers can be driven under water for a period of time. There are no fancy electronics on the vehicle except for our hand held GPS system and the SINGAR radios and they sit chest high. The military versions are very leaky so water can easily enough flow in when you are driving. I once had water up to my knees while trying to cross a river.

The exhaust also has a snorkel type device that generally ran up the vehicle and ended at the top venting back so the gunner wouldn't get burned. The maximum amount of time we ever spent under water was only a few minutes so I don't really know what the time limit actually is.
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When I wrote underwater in my post I meant only halfway submerged, not completely.
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Originally posted by Fillet

The Hummer website lets you have fun dreaming up your ultimate Hummer, etc., [/B]
my husband seems to do that all day, and he doesn't even need a website to do it.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Johnny L.A.
Maybe the military can just hold its breath longer.
Of course they can! They're trained to keep their heads up their asses indefinitely!
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[aside] Back when I worked for a car dealership, a bunch of the new salesmen brought back several Range Rover instructional videos. (Rover is really quite serious about training their salespeople, and makes them attend crazy off-roading seminars and the like.)

Anyway, one of these videos was about a Camel Trophy event in Madagascar. Basically, they took a bunch of trucks, loaded them with supplies and spare parts, and went crashing through the jungle. At one point, the trail ended at a raging brown mountain river. So the team drove into this torrent that would have been suitable for white water rafting and floated downstream to another trail on the opposite bank. The vehicles were submerged up to the windows, and were obviously just skipping along the rocks at some points. Totally cool. [/aside]
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Thanks everyone, especially Amp - that was pretty much what I wanted to know. I hadn't figured on military vehicles being leakier, but I suppose letting the water through makes it less likely that the vehicle would start drifting downstream.

jarbabyj - What I find just a *wee* bit scary is that they show what the Hummer would look like with machine guns and a rocket launcher attached. I guess that's for playing rough with the soccer moms.

Da Ace - You mean you haven't seen the new Lincoln Felcher, LL Bean edition? The exhaust pipe gets very narrow at the end... :gd&r:

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