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Hello, I am positively convinced this is a really dumb question...but anyway, what is a three course dinner? Does that mean there are three courses (i.e. appetizer, salad, main course) or does it mean there are three courses of the main dish? I'm going out for a three course dinner on New Years Eve and would like to know what I'm getting into.
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Your first assumption was correct.

A three course meal usually means an appetizer/first course of some sort (soup, salad, etc.), main course, and dessert.

Don't worry bout it being a "dumb" question. Many of us are not raised around coursed meals, and it wasn't until I was older when I understood what was happening
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I learned about coursed meals while I was in Paris. The menu listed the price for a three course meal, a four course meal, and (for goodness sakes!) a FIVE course meal. Then, based on which one you chose, you picked off of lists of dishes for each course. Having not seen anything like this in the States, I think it must be a dying custom, at least unless you're in a very fancy resturant.
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This is a memory from the late 1950's. If it is incorrect, sue me.

I remember going to McDonald's at that time, and getting a "three course meal." A burger(15 cents), a fry(12 cents) and a shake(18 cents). There was a jingle--"45 cents for a three-course meal". I remember it being on the radio, but that was some time ago.
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Thanks for clearing that up. I believe my dinner is a soup, salad and main course b/c when I called they didnt say anything about dessert. Thats what threw me off, b/c how can you have this nice dinner without some fancy schmancy desserts?? Oh well. Thanks again.
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Oy. I used to waitress at an old-time Italian restaurant that served a "7-course meal." These were the courses that were included in the price:

Appetizer 1: Baked Clams
Appetizer 2: Marinated mushrooms
Soup & bread basket
Sorbet (to cleanse the palate )
Main course

When I got the job, I thought I would make good money because the entrees were in the $15-20 range. But what with all of the different courses (and drinks), there was so much back-and-forth for each table that each waitress could handle relatively few tables per night. I didn't make very much money at all, unfortunately, and soon gave up the job.

A "3 course meal" at McDonalds? That's hi-larious!
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The Festal dinner of my college dining society had 10 courses.

1. Amuse-bouches
2. Hors d'oeuvres
3. Soup
4. Fish
5. Sorbet 1
6. Main course
7. Sorbet 2
8. Pudding
9. Dessert (cheese and fruit)
10. Savouries (tiny sandwiches)

I think I remember correctly. I may still have the menu tucked away somewhere.

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