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How will I get that wood glue out of my blue jeans?

It's called Gorilla Glue, but seems pretty much like your general wood glue, doesn't look much different from Elmer's.

Some suggestions that failed:

Soak in Dawn dish detergent (for a while) tried to scrape it off with my fingernails;
Put nail polish remover on it before putting it in the wash;
Rubbed Oxy Clean on it before putting it on the wash.

Is it hopeless?
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Gorilla Glue is nothing at all like wood glue or Elmer's. (Gorilla Wood Glue is a different product, not so sure about that.) Manufacturer's web site sez:
Wipe off excess glue immediately with a dry cloth or standard paint thinner. Do not drag glue over material, instead make small swipes to remove wet adhesive. Make sure you avoid skin contact. Cured glue can be removed with a chisel, scraper or sandpaper.
My only other suggestions are alcohol and acetone, but the acetone could take the dye out of the cloth.
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I don't think you can 100%. I had a similar problem a few months ago. I took a sharp knife and did slow scrapes for half an hour. It took it off but caused some mild discoloration. They may not be a big deal if you jeans are fairly light colored or well broken in. It wasn't a perfect solution but it did work. Gorilla glue is designed to be incredibly strong. It isn't smart enough to know what to bind permanently to and what not to.
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Other than physically chipping it off the fibers which will probably damage the fabric to some extent, there is no solvent and no solution. You're done.
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Naphtha? It cleans stuff nothing else will.

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Pretty much hopeless. Gorilla glue is polyurethane. Once cured, I don't know anything that will remove it.
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Most sources seem to be saying that once polyurethane glue has cured, it's resistant to all solvents, however, there are a few formulations that claim to be able to work on it - for instance this polyurethane debonder:

(however, getting it out from within the weave of fabric is a different and more difficult proposition than removing it from a surface or joint)

It's probably not worthwhile trying to remove it from the clothing - save the jeans to wear next time you're working with the adhesive.

I once managed to coat both of my hands to the wrist with polyurethane - I was filling a void in the corner of my roof, working at the top of a ladder, with the can of foam above me - I didn't notice that a big ball of expanding foam was forming above the hole I was filling, until it started to sag towards me, at which point, my choices consisted of:
  • Allow it to fall on my head/face
  • Catch and deflect it with my hand
  • Jump out of the way (off the ladder, three floors from the ground)
I tried scraping and wiping the stuff off my hands as it was curing, but because it cures in reaction to water, it's really quick to work on warm, sweaty palms - I just ended up with very scaly ugly hands for a week or two until it started to wear off.

I've used polyurethane glue and foam quite a bit since then (it's brilliant for some applications in boatbuilding), but now I treat it with fear and respect.

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Thank you all so very much for your responses.

Anybody wanna buy a slightly used pair of jeans?
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