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I am curious whether other women find veiny arms to be as incredibly sexy as I do. I'm talking about those thick, ropy, gorgeous veins that bulge out of the forearms of weightlifters, soccer players, skateboarders and heroin addicts. In fact just writing this is making me all warm and breathy.

Other women: yea or nay?
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Hell yeah! Good stuff right there. I love those veins.
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Ok, I can handle the veiny arm thing.......but
...soccer players, skateboarders...
What the hell soccer players or skateboarders have stereotypically veiny arms? I suppose if they're heroin addicts too. Neither is known for developed upper bodies, or arm stressing activities.
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Actually Omni... heroin addicts tend to have less veiny arms, they collapse.
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Gotta love those heroin addicts. Oh god! what they do to me...
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I second that generalization about soccer players and skateboarders. Of course it's not universal, but I have noticed the exact same thing. Weird...
Maybe it's just that they never wear anything with sleaves?

Oh, and Heroin addicts may have collapsed veins, but they are immediately noticable because of the bruising. Plus, you get the added erotic kick of watching those veins pop up out of the flesh when they tie the belt around their arm.

Actually, it's not really my kinda thang. I'm a bit squemish about being reminded of how we are made up of blood and veins, but that's another story (for my therapist).

--- G. Raven
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How interesting.
My veins in my arms aren't always bulgy (though sometimes they are), but they are almost always quite visible. I've got a very pale complexion, so it's easy to see them.
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Oh my. I love them. And I've seen them mostly on guitarists, or just musicians, for that matter. Although I've known guys who just had great arms. And it's not that they're necessarily muscular...just *sigh* veiny? Is that how you put it?
In fact, I have a good friend who has the most beautiful forearms. I've told him so, but I think he thinks I'm just joking.
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Originally posted by oldscratch
Actually Omni... heroin addicts tend to have less veiny arms, they collapse.
Actually it's more like if you have veins bulging out all over you're less likely to have a collapsed vien because you're not alway shooting up in the same place.

So, boys and girls, if you're planning on being a junkie, remember to do your push-ups .
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My girlfriend is a phlebotomist. She spends too much time admiring her OWN veins to even notice mine.

But yes, she thinks they're sexy.
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Originally posted by struuter
Oh my. I love them. And I've seen them mostly on guitarists, or just musicians, for that matter.

Mmmm... Yes! I love them... and musicians do seem to have them. Now I'm all thinking about that.

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I am crazy for a veiny arm....

some in real close... I dont want anyone to hear this:
veiny arms make me think of a huge penis...

Dont tell anyone I said that.
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Veiny arms? ICK!

I like a well built muscular man.. but I'll pass on that Mr. Universe veiny look thankyouverymuch.

Swimmers physique. OY VEY!!
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before I became an EMT-I I never really noticed peoples veins, then my world changed

--learned to start IV's--

Now on each person I meet, one of the first things I notice is if they have good veins or not....
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Originally posted by Morrison's Lament

Oh, and Heroin addicts may have collapsed veins, but they are immediately noticable because of the bruising.
Not to mention track marks. Take my advice, looks for marks.

As for the OP...mmmmm..hell yea. It means that there's good muscle under there. I knew this guy once who was stunningly beautiful, ripped, and a die-hard flirt. Dangerous combination. But I think the one compliment I ever gave him about his appearance was about his arms. I told him he's made one hell of a heroin addict. He didn't apprechiate it.

For the record, nurses everywhere adore my veins.
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Oh yes! This thread was made for me! Veiny arms make me drool like hell...you gotta love 'em. I also admire my own veins...my friends all think I'm wacky cuz I stare and prod my veins and constantly check out guy's arms...

anyways...I'll calm down now..
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