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Greek mythology question: Did Hades and Persephone have any children?

Just occurred to me when I rented a DVD of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Hades is one Greek god I can't remember being connected with any offspring, whether by his wife Persephone or any other female. Were there any?

Come to think of it, nor can I recall any offspring of Hephaistos or Ares, even though the one was married to Aphrodite and the other had an affair with her. Aphrodite had lots of kids, but usually the fathers were mortals. . . . Or was Eros/Cupid the son of Ares? (He would be quite an unlikely father for a love-god.)

None of Artemis or Athena either, but they were both supposed to be perpetual virgins.

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From Wiki
Consorts and children assigned in Classical myths


Macaria The Goddess of blessed death.
Plutus (While most sources cited him as the child of Demeter, he was also thought to be the child of Hades and Persephone)
You can check Wiki for the rest of your answers too.
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Ares had sons, Deimos and Phobos (Eros is sometimes considered a son of Ares, but sometimes not (isn't there a variant tradition that Eros was born of Chaos directly and pre-existed Aphrodite?). Hephaestos had children, but none that figure in the better-known myths (they're all garden-variety or local gods).
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An extensive site about greek gods and such is this one:

For hades:

It's an interesting site because they list all offsprings and/or parents for each divinities, and they list them from various sources, so you can each time see at a glance the various versions that have been written about each god's lineage.

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