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Can helicopters fly upside down?

I know planes can manage it, but can a helicopter?
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Some can, some can't.

The old UH-1 that I grew up with could not. The rotors were attached to the hub in such a way that if you turned it upside down Bad Things would happen. The UH-60 Blackhawk can and does fly just fine upside down.
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It depends on what you mean by "upside down". I don't know that it would be physically possible for a helicopter to fly upside down with negative g, that is, with the force of gravity acting toward the top of the rotor system. However, there are a number of helicopters that can perform loops and rolls and such manoeuvres that included inverted flight but the g forces are maintained toward the bottom of the helicopter due to centrifugal forces.
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Well, RC Helicopters can. The video starts out a little slow, but then it really...uh... takes off.

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