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What was the very first "Rogue Warrior" book by Richard Marcinko?

This should be a simple question but I am actually confused about it.

I am looking for the very first book in the Rogue Warrior series, which I believe was basically Marcinko's autobiography. For sure, it was not a fictional piece like many of the later books in the series.

Is this the one I'm looking for?: I am pretty sure this is it, but several of the customer reviews (right there on the linked page) make it sound as if this book came out later. For example, look at the three star review at the upper right of the page, or the review by Rick "Shaq" Goldstein. Both indicate that this is not the first in the series.

If the linked book is the very first, can you please confirm?

If not, can you please send me the Amazon link to whichever book was first in the series?

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Yes, that's the first.
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I have only read one book in the series, and the book you've linked to is it. The story was, IIRC, his---heavily puffed-up---autobiography. Perhaps, like Andy McNabb, he wrote further books going into more detail about his early years, and those further books are what the reviewers are referring to? But I believe, and the cover blurb on your linked book sort of confirms, that this book is the one you were looking for.
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Thank you!

I should have checked Wiki (and then confirmed by comparing ISBN numbers).

Much obliged.
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The first book is his autobiography, and the rest are a 2nd rate imitation of the Don Pendleton-based Stony Man series, with himself in the "Mack Bolan" role.
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Ah pinky da turd and lots of Bombay gin.

Loved those books

What would Bugs Bunny say

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