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What does Heart of Palm taste like?

I saw a jar of it in the market. I was curious and wanted to try it, but it was expensive. Does it taste like artichoke hearts? Is it sweet, sour, salty? It was in a jar in some kind of liquid, I can't remember if it was water or oil.
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It will vary somewhat depending on what it's canned/jarred in, but I'd say yes, it is somewhat similar to artichoke hearts, but more bland. Has fiber though.

There is some concern about depletion of wild species, as harvesting most species kills the palm (there are some exceptions).
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They're tasty in a salad but definitely not moreso than artichokes.
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It's gotta be better than the Heart of Palin, which is what I thought the title read at first glance.
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They're canned with citric acid, so that gives them a bit of sourness. But they also have a touch of their own, as well as a touch of spiciness, something like celery but less intense. You'll encounter spears that are quite fibrous, but most of them are tender.

I forget where I first had them, but I took a liking to them instantly. Palm hearts (when I can afford them) and artichoke hearts are my two favorite things to add to salads.

Definitely try them.
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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
It's gotta be better than the Heart of Palin, which is what I thought the title read at first glance.
Same here. Cold and bitter.
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It tastes like Heart of Chicken.
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They are usually packed in water. The texture is somewhat like asparagus and the flavour is much milder than an artichoke heart. I don't seek them out, but I do like them when I find them in a fancy salad in an upscale buffet.
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Quite a bit like human hearts. Match it with Chanti.

Reminds me of an office Christmas party once where one of the messengers was eating one and asked me what it was. I told him and he did a hilarious "spit take" disgorging it from his gob. Considering the receptionist he was pleasuring (who was in turn pleasuring all the other messengers) I thought he was being suddenly quite particular and fastidious about what he put in his mouth. But there ya go.

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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
It tastes like Heart of Chicken.
You beat me to it, dammit!
Originally Posted by Implicit View Post
They are usually packed in water. The texture is somewhat like asparagus and the flavour is much milder than an artichoke heart. I don't seek them out, but I do like them when I find them in a fancy salad in an upscale buffet.
(Bolding is mine)
I honestly think this is a very good description. If you like the flavor of artichoke hearts I think you will enjoy it. When I use them I generally chop them up and put them in a salad. They add some crunch with some rich flavor so they don't really need much done with to them.

ETA: I would stick with the types packed in water. I would think being packed in oil would make it really yucky.

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It's neutral when canned with sodas and water. But I have also had it slightly pickled. Cabbagey and rather less offensive than cabbage. Could make a mean kimchee heart of palm with the propper vetting. The heat and sour might be its only worthwhile character done kimchee stylee, otherwise it is like the scallop of the vegetable world.

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Did anybody else read the Thread Tile as "Heart Of Palin"?

I was thinking--"Political divisiveness has gone too far".
The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.
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They are good sliced and tossed with Italian dressing and eaten alone. I've never found them to have much strong flavor, but that is possibly due to my not having had any decent ones. I like the texture mostly.
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I eat them often. Personally, I prefer to just eat them with olive oil and salt, but they do go well in salads and several other things. They're traditionally paired with chicken and olives and tomatoes as a stuffing to small light savory pies in Brazil.

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