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Best Neverwinter Nights 2 modules?

Hi all - kind of expecting this thread to drop like a stone but we'll see how it goes

So, keeping to my tradition of only playing games years after they're released, I recently finished NWN2 and MOB. I had played NWN1 before and loved it (well rather, I loved the expansions and the mods, I don't think I ever managed to finish the main campaign).

Anyway, one of the main things I loved about the first NWN was the huge modding community and the incredibly well developed, epic scope modules. A dance with Rogues, Aielund Saga and my favourite of all time, the Penultima Series. I got literally months of extra gameplay just due to the fantastic modules available. However looking at the NWN2 modules available, so far nothing is grabbing me. Everything seems short and the comments on them all talk about how buggy they are.

So dopers, I need your help! Recommend me some good, story driven NWN2 modules. (Ideally funny, and a well written romance is a plus but not even nearly essential)
Old 07-14-2011, 05:10 PM
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If you modded the old NWN you probably came across the Neverwinter Nights Vault?

It's been updated for NWN2 as well.
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Premium Modules?

does anyone know Which are the "Premium Modules" included in Nverwinter Nights 2 Platinum Edition?
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I think they are Dark Water Collection, JEGs Training Module, Sex & the Single Adventuress, Tomb of Horrors, and Pirate Cards.

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