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Dragon Age Origins: Anyone played a female dwarf noble?

Spoilers for the female dwarf noble origin, not for the rest of the game:

This is probably a long shot, but I thought I'd check... I started playing some games "late" because I only got a computer that would play them not that long ago, so I've only recently finished Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. I've played through all of the origin stories with female characters, too.

The dwarf noble story has a lot of flexibility in how you play through it: innocent, jerk, schemer, even kinslayer. With a female character, your "second", Gorim, can also be your lover. (Nothing on-screen, though.) So at the end of the origin story, he's going to be exiled to the surface, and you to the Deep Roads, with him telling you he's going to Denerim, you should catch up with Duncan and the Grey Wardens and meet him there.

So, you can do just that. You can go there nearly immediately, so maybe you've been separated for a couple months? And there's Gorim! He tells you he knew he'd see you again, and he's brought you a letter from your dad as well as your family's shield...

Oh yeah, and the other thing. He got married and is already expecting a kid. WTF, dude, how'd that happen? And his explanation is, "you know this never could have worked due to the caste system," even though they'd been permanently expelled and made casteless, so that was the only way it could have worked! Meanwhile he offers you a discount on his father-in-law's armor products as a tiny consolation prize for stomping on your heart.

Anyway, I stopped playing that character after that, and Googled, but cannot find the answer to my question... what happens with Gorim and a female dwarf noble at the end of DA:O? I know that a male dwarf noble gets his old buddy Gorim back as his second. Does a female dwarf just have to live with her former possible-love being still hitched and all, "Awesome, you're a noble again; it's all fixed now!" or did she arrange some kind of accident at the forge to dispose of her rival?
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All the possible quest paths can be found here.
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Yeah, thanks, I had found that and read through it. They cover the origin stories fine, but leave out what precisely happens to the female dwarf noble. The male is noted as having fathered a son during his origin story and can regain the son's status. Both get happy Gorim saying how hooray, you're a noble again and he'll be your second. Nothing about anything in particular for the female.

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