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Morbid Q if ever there was one: piano-wire hangings of Hitler's assassins

Given the surfeit of gruesome footage on the internet, it occurs to me that I've never seen the infamous film of the executions of Hitler’s attempted assassins. (no: this isn't me going "wah, I wanna see people tortured!" more like "I want to see the evidence." Or at least want confirmation that it exists)

Looking around, all sorts of conflicting information comes up: that the film was suppressed by the Nazis when it caused a backlash; that the British made a fake version and showed it to the Swiss for propaganda; that it either was or wasn't shown at the Nuremberg Trials; that, like the Chinese death by 1,000 cuts, it only looked painful, but was actually over quickly, envinced by British commandos also using piano wire garrottes to silence their enemies.

Back when TV was the ordinary means of dissemination, it's understandable that the footage could not be shown. But today when everything is leaked and everything is a click away?
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I assume it is the conspirators in the Walkyre plot you mean? According to Wikipedia there is no solid evidence the executions were filmed, and in either case they wouldn't have been seen by anyone outside the the inner circle of Nazi leadership. This is what it says about Berthold von Stauffenberg's execution:

"Berthold was one of eight conspirators executed by slow strangulation (reputedly with piano wire used as the garrote) in Plötzensee Prison, Berlin, later that day. Before he was killed, Berthold was strangled and then revived multiple times. Allegedly, the entire execution and multiple resuscitations were filmed for Hitler to view at his leisure. Although, there is no solid proof that either the events were actually filmed, or that Hitler watched them."

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