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WW2 photo of statue in Stalingrad. Children around an alligator. Does the statue still exist?

Famous picture taken during Battle of Stalingrad. (now Volgograd). Is the statue still there? I searched for "statue+children+stalingrad" and get alot of results with the pic, but nothing descibing it's fate.

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It's called the Barmaley Fountain.

The Barmaley was a fountain in the city of Stalingrad, installed in front of the Museum of Defense of Tsaritsyn. Its official name was Children's Khorovod. The statue was of a circle of six children dancing around a crocodile. It was made famous by several photographs by Emmanuil Evzerikhin that juxtaposed the carnage of the Battle of Stalingrad with the banality of children at play.

The fountain was restored after World War II, but was later removed in the 1950s.
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That photo of the fountain is pretty wicked. Kids dancing around an alligator and a bombed out building burning in the background.

Any ways, I did a Google search but all it seems to pull up is similar threads but no definitive answers to: where did it go?
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Sorry, I don't have anything to add other than that is an amazing photograph.
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Originally Posted by electronbee View Post
Any ways, I did a Google search but all it seems to pull up is similar threads but no definitive answers to: where did it go?
Russian Wikipedia says that it was dismantled in the 1950s, and that in 2007 the city administration was planning to restore it. It also says that there were/are similar fountains in other places, such as Voronezh.
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Two replicas were made
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Originally Posted by chrisnourcan View Post
Two replicas were installed with public access, one installed in the vicinity of the original site. So the artists work is now on display at the same site.. Its like the work has been restored.. But its not the original item... They would keep the original item inside to preserve it...

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