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It fizzed! It bubbled! It foamed! [Hydrogen peroxide in ear]

And now I have less ear wax! I put a drop of hydrogen peroxide in my ear, per the advice given by Dr. Google. It fizzed, it foamed and it bubbled.

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Catalase reaction:

Much living tissue has this enzyme which greatly accelerates the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and free oxygen. That's why it fizzes when you use it as an antiseptic or mouthwash, too (you, not me, personally. I'll use it in my ears - I draw the line at using it for a mouthwash.)
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Boring...I always imagine the fizz and foam as the death throes of evil infectious bacteria.
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It also works great if I have a nosebleed or a cut finger and get blood on my clothes. A little hydrogen peroxide, some fizz/bubble/foam and the blood is gone.
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Originally Posted by fiddlesticks View Post
Boring...I always imagine the fizz and foam as the death throes of evil infectious bacteria.
Ha, me too.
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Don't use hydrogen peroxide on wounds or can slow healing, damage healthy tissue and may be more likely to result in a permanent scar. Something I earned from my vet and confirmed online.

But multiple randomized, controlled trials -- the best kind of research -- show that hydrogen peroxide does not prevent or treat infections in wounds. Not only that, hydrogen peroxide slows healing and may even cause cellular damage. That bubbling you see? It's probably the hydrogen peroxide attacking you.
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"... probably?"

ETA: numerous docs have told me to use hydrogen peroxide for clogged ears.

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BTW, on the acceptability of using it in your ears:

The OTC ear drops that generally come with one of those bulbs for cleaning out your ears are usually carbamide peroxide, which is hydrogen peroxide compounded with urea. It basically does the same thing, producing hydrogen peroxide in solution. The urea component acts as a stabilizer, giving the stuff a longer shelf life. You might consider a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide a better value than a tiny little vial of 6.5% carbamide peroxide, which is approximately equivalent.
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pour hydrogen peroxide on many substances and it will foam, it is an oxidizer.

the ear drops contain carbamide peroxide (as mentioned) and glycerin. the glycerin softens the wax allowing it to dislodge and be swept away by the water flow from the bulb.
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