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Why does Myspace music player REFUSE to work?

I hate everything about Myspace. It's a disgusting, overengineered, frustrating, ugly, hideous, convoluted piece of buffalo shit. I hate this site with such an unbelievable passion. Yet, for some bands, it's the only way to listen to their music without buying their CD (which I would readily do, in this case, except they're not on iTunes and I don't want to wait a week for a physical CD to arrive.) I'm trying to listen to some songs, and yet the music player absolutely REFUSES to fucking work, and it's driving me absolutely nuts.

Here is a screenshot of the error message I get. Flash player refuses to work, and tells me I need to update Flash, restart the browser or refresh the website.

Guess what, poppyseed-brains - I already DID ALL THAT! And it still isn't working!

What more do I need to do, catch a Trailways bus to Myspace headquarters and fucking fellate the CEO?
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Do you use an ad blocker and/or script blocker? Didja turn it off?

Did you try using a different browser?
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MySpace was the best choice for bands to post their music 7 years ago when there was no better choice. It's a different online music world today: Last FM, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and other sites that f*** up far less on the audio and technical end. MySpace will follow the business direction of buggy whips if it doesn't modernize (and it hasn't yet last I checked at least) in the near future.

I couldn't even post a single 20 minute song (too large of a file) when I tried to start a MySpace music page...albeit that was a while ago.

Anyway, most bands and musical solo artists have at least one page in addition to MySpace assuming they have a MySpace page at all.

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You mean, they have a CD you could buy, but they're not on YouTube?

You can download almost anyone's music at Amazon for 99 cents a song. I have gotten some pretty danged obscure stuff from them. (mostly when I can't find a song on YouTube.)
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Originally Posted by brujaja View Post
You can download almost anyone's music at Amazon for 99 cents a song.
No, you really can't. At least 20% of my music collection can't be found at Amazon, which I know for sure because I spent months last year trying to get album info for a few thousand songs, many of which neither Amazon or itunes carries.

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