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Car question 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT

I had a problem with my car where the following lights would come on

1- Check Engine (Solid)
2- VSC off indicator is flashing
3- Traction control is solid

This tends to happen when it's raining or high moisture out.

I finally wanted it fixed so when I had my car at the dealer to have a noise looked at when turning the wheel all the way to the left they said there were three codes stored./ Two were "history not current" and there was a lean code.

They cleaned the throttle body and replaced the air filter and said to bring it back if the issue returned.

So $206.99 lighter I was out the door (51 to fix the noise and 142.45 for the cleaning)

Naturally two days later the issue returned. Now they said there is an intermittent short in the electronic control module because tests show codes P0607 & C1901

Parts and labor was quoted close to a grand.

My warranty is over as I have close to 100k on it. I called Pontiac who spoke to the dealer and now they (Unsure if it's the dealer or Pontiac) is going to pay for half of it.

I'm wondering two things

1) What to do if this doesn't solv e it
2) If my 2009 which according to the door sticker was made in 2008 has the 1.8L MFI Engine then according to this there was a problem with some ECM's and I should have been notified (which I never was) what I should do?

The last time there was a recall on my car I tried to have it fixed at a local dealer and according to GM it was already repaired half the country away from me. I finally got that resolved but in the back of my mind I'm wondering what if there was an issue and the other car was fixed and they marked mine as done in error.
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Originally Posted by MannyL View Post
2) If my 2009...has the 1.8L MFI Engine ...
Are you saying you don't know which engine it has?

...which according to the door sticker was made in 2008...
It's the model year that matters, not the year it was made. American manufacturers typically start model year production several months before ahead, so a 2008 production date doesn't necessarily mean it's a 2008 model.

The 8th character of the VIN identifies the engine, the 10th character identifies the model year. You can find online VIN decoders that will read these for you.
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I wasn't sure if I had the 1.8 or not because I couldn't remember which the Gt had. It's a 2.4 so I can stop thinking about that.

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