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Tatum O'Neal was married to John McEnroe for a while, Jackie Earle Haley (Kelly Leak) has had a few minor roles on TV shows, Jimmy Baio was on Soap, although that was a long time ago...but what about Alfred Lutter and the rest of the gang? They were cultural icons, and now apparently they live in complete groupies following them around saying, " were that Ogilvie kid in Bad News Bears, I want to have your autograph and your children!!!!!"

What about the Aguilar brothers, Ahmad, Tanner Boyle, Timothy Lupus, and the fat kid who was the catcher (Engelbert?)? Hopefully, they're not taking the Diff'rent Strokes path.

Another thing that puzzled me is how they got to go to Houston as the "California champs" even though they were runner ups to the Yankees. I suppose the books explain why the Yankees didn't go to Houston, but the movies kind of gloss over it.
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Well, both Tricia Cast and Kristoff St. John are (or were, until very recently) long-time cast members of The Young & The Restless.
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I thought that the U.S. took away their title and exiled them after that horrible "Bad News Bear's Go To Japan" movie. Pew, pew pew. Just as bad as "Beethoven's 3rd", Christ, I wanted to shoot that dog and turn it into a rug.
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