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Where could I get a small amount of propylene glycol?

I can find it in pint size and above on a lot of sites cheaply, but I'm not in the USA so it would have to be reshipped to me by my family and since its a liquid it would be pretty costly due to the weight and a general PITA. I am playing around with mixing my own ecig liquid.

Is there any place that sells it in 100ml-200ml or less? Or what would be good places for me to check in real life if they sell it? I asked at a pharmacy and the younger pharmacists were baffled but a old pharmacist knew exactly what I was talking about, but they had none.
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I used to use it for preserving trapping bait and preserving minnows to take into Canada.
i got what i needed from the city street department as they used it for winterizing problem fire hydrants.
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Your local version of Home Depot or Ace Hardware. Auto parts suppliers.
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Originally Posted by Glazer View Post
Your local version of Home Depot or Ace Hardware. Auto parts suppliers.
As what? I mean what purpose would it be sold for?
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What you need to look for locally is what's called a "compounding pharmacy" than makes some of their own drugs - they'll have it for sure. If you ask at a regular pharmacy, they'll probably know where there is one nearby.

ETA: And if you don't just want to use glycerin, can't you order PG from the same source you're getting your nicotine from?

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Also, depending on your location and what name they go by there, searching for "apothecary" instead of "compounding pharmacy" might work.
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not speaking about this particular substance.

if you want to put something in your body (eat, inhale, absorb) then you want it to be pharmaceutical grade, if eating then just food grade quality is OK. technical grade (what you buy at hardware or auto store or similar) may be hazardous to use for putting inside your body.
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"Your local version of Home Depot or Ace Hardware. Auto parts suppliers. "

I too would like to know why the poster thinks this is true. Home Depot does sell Unigard anti-freeze which contains propylene glycol as an ingredient, but there are far more ingredients in anti-freeze than just the desired substance. Home Depot's website does not show propylene glycol as a product.

I have purchased it at pharmacies. While some people cliam these as an inexpensive source, I have found them to be expensive.

For the OP - 100-200ml or less? You want buy around 1/2 cup of this to experiment with? how much of a pita for your family to send a package to you and how expensive? Spend the money.

Finally, this is not a USA only product - as far as I know it is used world-wide. A pharmacy may not stock it, but they could order it.
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Got a farm supply store nearby? Or maybe a cattle farm? My local Tractor Supply store sells it for $20.99 a gallon. And yes, for the worry-warts, it is USP.

Or yeah, just order it along with your nicotine.

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