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How to setup my alarm for Contact ID communication protocol?

I have a Roiscok 208cn alarm and the central station uses Contact ID. Here is the manual:

My problem it that although Contact ID is mentioned in my alarm manual, I have the nagging suspicion that it isn't fully compatible with this protocol.

Here are the relevant pages from the manual. The first one shows some settings for handshake, kissoff, data rate, data frequency, etc.

The other page shows some example setups:
Note that Ademco Contact ID is missing.

Also here are the specs for Contact ID:

Here it mentions for example that the handshake starts with a 1400Hz tone followed by a 2300Hz tone. I can't find this option on my alarm.

Any ideas?
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How to send and receive contact id alerts in c#

Hello Dog80,

When I had to work with the contact id protocol, I used this page to learn more about this protocol: contact id
This page provides you information related to:
  • what is the contact id protocol
  • how it works
  • how to send alarms using this protocol
  • how to receive alarms using this protocol

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