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Inexpensive electric keyboard WITH weighted keys?

I would like to buy a keyboard with weighted keys without spending an arm and a leg. I'd prefer a full keyboard, but am willing to compromise on that in favor of price. Weight isn't a factor as long as an adult female of moderate strength can lift it alone. It absolutely HAS to have weighted keys, and I'm on a tight budget. I expect it'll cost in the $200+ price range, but the lower the better!

Any suggestions?

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For a digital piano (with a few other sounds), check craigslist for a Casio CDP-100 or any of the Privia pianos. CDP-100's go for as little as $250 if you watch, and they're a great deal at that price.

It often comes with a matching stand; if you find one without the stand it's still worth it, but you'll need to spend $30 or $40 on a keyboard stand, like a double-braced X stand. (Single-braced or light-duty ones are too bouncy for playing weighted action, and only save you $10.)

The Casios weigh about 22 lbs, super light and very easy to carry. If you'll be transporting it (e.g., gigging or rehearsals), you'll want a portable keyboard stand rather than the matching one. But keep the matching one for resale, if it has one.

People think of Casio as making toys, but their Privia line (starting with the CDP-100, which doesn't carry that name but should) is really remarkably good. A lot of gigging musicians have them, often as a backup in case their expensive gear dies, or for jams & practices because they're so light. Nearly comparable to the Yamaha P90/P95. You might also find a good deal on a P90 or P80.

All the ones I've mentioned have built-in speakers, but if you're playing with others (with anything more than acoustic instruments) you'll also need a monitor amp or small PA -- but that's not in your budget. All of them sound OK using the built-in speakers, but much better with decent amplification.

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Very helpful information, thank you! I'll look around for a CDP-100 or Privia on Craigslist. I'd prefer to buy something new because it's way less hassle, but price is important.

I don't plan on traveling with the keyboard (no gigs), it's going to be a fixture in my bedroom for personal use. Likely will be played with headphones most of the time, so onboard speakers aren't an issue. It just has to have weighted keys. I grew up playing a piano and I simply can't play a keyboard that isn't weighted.

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