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Why does urine have a meaty smell if I eat meat.

I obviously assume it has the proteins from the meat in my urine as well as a few other unsavory things... Buy why does it sometimes still smell a bit like the meat I had recently eaten. And no, I don't normally smell my own piss but sometimes I do get a whiff of it especially from automatic toilet flusher systems while cleaning up still on the seat. Anyone have any idea why the smell would linger?

Also, on a related nasty smell note: I take care of my nephew a lot and he has a bad habit of rubbing his hand down his pants when he has to poop (he's 3). The smell of feces is still on his hand even after repeated scrubbing with soap and water. Does the poop just bond to his skin or what? I don't want to use a harsh chemical to clean it off but I sure don't want to touch his hands when they smell like that. And if it DOES still smell, does it mean I was even able to clean it at all?

Thanks for the lookover, and sorry for the grossness of the subject matter.
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Healthy urine isn't supposed to have protein in it (or at least very, very little).
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stink causing materials can hide in crevices. use a fingernail and hand scrubbing brush, you can get them with bristles for each area and maybe in plastic to be less irritating to his hands.
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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
Healthy urine isn't supposed to have protein in it (or at least very, very little).
In fact, if your urine has protein in it, you probably have serious health issues. Might wanna get that checked out.
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Protein, as such, has no smell. Protein molecules are much to large to be volatile, and thus to be conveyed by the air to your nose. Whatever it is that makes meat and sometimes urine smell of meat must be a substance with much smaller, more volatile, molecule or set of molecules, possibly (but not necessarily) breakdown products of proteins. There would not have to be very much of it; the nose is capable of detecting very small amounts of certain volatile molecules. Whatever it is may just be passed straight through the body, unchanged into the urine, or may be produced in even greater quantities as the meat is broken down by the digestive system.

I am sorry I do not know specifically what the relevant chemicals are. I don't think they can be amino acids, the typical breakdown products of protein, because, first of all, amino acids, despite being relatively small molecules, are still not very volatile, and anyway, the body would not be pissing them out in the urine; they are just too nutritionally valuable. My WAG would be that the smell is caused by some sort of amine. Amines do tend to be volatile and smelly, and they could be produced by breakdown of some of the amino acids themselves, while the meat is stored. Certain amines may well not get metabolized by the body, but passed straight through.

As others have already said, protein is not normally passed into the urine. It is broken down, by digestion, into its component amino acids, and these are then used either to make more, human, protein, or burned as fuel.

However, of course, there is plenty of stuff in meat besides protein, so the smell may have nothing to do with the protein as such.

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I always assumed it was nitrates or nitrites, as I've only noticed this after eating a whole lot of bologna or similar red processed meats.
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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
I always assumed it was nitrates or nitrites, as I've only noticed this after eating a whole lot of bologna or similar red processed meats.
Unlikely. The inorganic nitrates and nitrites used as preservatives are, again, not very volatile so not very smelly. I very much doubt that they get pissed out unchanged, either. It is much more likely to be something (or some things) organic. However, if it s some breakdown product of the protein (or of some other component), it makes sense that there might be more of it in processed and preserved meats as opposed to fresh.
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It's farts that smell, if not meaty, certainly rank after eating a lot of meat. Or is it if you haven't eaten meat for a long time, and our exquisite self-fart odor apparatus notices it only then because of the change?

It was explained to me once why, but I've forgotten.

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