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Why does fridge water taste so much better than room-temp water?

Okay, subjectively it tastes better. But objectively, water that's been in the fridge for an hour or more tastes different from room-temp water. And that's with or without ice, and whether it's filtered, bottled or from the tap. Refrigeration does something, and I'm sure it's not confirmation bias. It's just so crisp and clean-tasting. (I've never had water directly from an artesian well or a spring, so fridge water is as good as I've ever had it get.)

All I can think it, being thoroughly cold affects the reaction from your taste buds, like some are activated, or not activated, in a way they wouldn't be at room temp. Is that it, or something else, or is it confirmation bias after all?
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Temperature affects taste, with colder things having less taste. You're not imaging that.

Tap water may be more greatly affected though. Most is treated with chlorine, and after an hour the chlorine will have evaporated off. Less "chlorine taste" is one way of "tasting better."

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Your tapwater will also taste better if you leave it set out for a few hours at room temperature.. Most of the things in water that are unpalatable are dissolved gaseous compounds, and evaporate out while the water stands.

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Or, in the case of some of us with well water, settle out over time into a thin layer on the bottom of the glass (in our case, rust-colored. Natural mineral content, harmless but I swear when our faucets drip the water goes >thunk<)
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Milk is better cold too. But cheese tastes better warm. Go figure.
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That makes sense. Thank you.

And Keeve, pizza is good hot or cold.
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My opinion is that fridge water usually tastes worse. I don't put water in the fridge due to too many experiences of being over at people's houses where they didn't form a complete seal on the water and it picked up tastes from the food in the fridge.

Ice cubes also pick up tastes. The only cold water that tastes better is cold water from a drinking fountain (or from the fridge water dispenser.)

That said, I do think that tap water tastes better if left out for a couple hours, just not in the fridge. And also don't leave it out for days or it will start to taste mildewy IMO.

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