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Latin for "throat"

I don't really know anything about Latin.

Looking up "throat" on Google translate to Latin gives me a long list: faucibus, guttur, fauces, jugulum/iugulum, gula, jugulus/iugulus, gurgulio, faux, gluttus, glutus, and gutter.

Notre Dame University has an online Latin translator, and it gave me a shorter list:

faux, faucis N F 3 3 F [XXXAO]
pharynx (usu pl.), gullet/throat/neck/jaws/maw; narrow pass/shaft/strait; chasm;

collum, colli N N 2 2 N [XBXAO]
neck; throat; head and neck; severed head; upper stem (flower); mountain ridge;

collus, colli N M 2 1 M [XBXAO]
neck; throat; head and neck; severed head; upper stem (flower); mountain ridge;

gula, gulae N F 1 1 F [XXXCX]
throat, neck, gullet, maw; palate, appetite;

guttur, gutturis N N 3 2 N [XXXCO]
throat, neck; gullet; (reference to gluttony/appetite); swollen throat, goiter;

jugulus, juguli N M 2 1 M [XXXCX]
throat, neck; collarbone;
It sounds like I can narrow it down to the latter three.

I notice from the online etymology dictionary that the English word gullet comes from "gula", guttural comes from "guttur", and jugular comes from "[i/j]ugulum".

Translating the opposite way, Google turns "gula" into gluttony first, throat second; "guttur" is throat first, gluttony second; "jugulus" is throttle first, throat second; and "jugulum" is throat first, throttle second.

Notre Dame didn't give me "jugulum", but entering it in the Latin to English translator confirms it as a variant of "jugulus". I know that Latin words are formed from a stem and an ending, but I couldn't glean from a description what the difference was in this case.

When I put it into the phrase "his throat", Google prefers "guttur". But throat in Italian (and Catalan) is "gola".

Which word is the "best", "common" Latin word for throat? What is the difference between these words? I'm not expecting to be taught Latin here, just a brief explanation is fine.
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I think it partly depends on if you mean external or internal - the throat you're grabbed by (as in the jugulum you have to carpe), or the one you have a frog in (guttur, gula). We use the word in both senses, they may not have.
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Indeed. It depends on what sense of 'throat' you want to translate.

From Döderlein's:

Faux; Glutus; Ingluvies; Guttur; Gurgulio; Gula. Faux, glutus, and ingluvies, denote the space within the throat; glutus (γλῶττα), in men; ingluvies, in animals; faux (φάρυγξ), the upper part, the entrance into the throat; whereas guttur, gurgulio, and gula, denote that part of the body which encloses the space within the throat; gurgulio (redupl. of gula), in animals; gula, in men; guttur, in either. (v. 149.)
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If I remember correctly from my Latin studies many, many years ago it should be collum to refer to that body part, basically to the neck, as in "I put my hand on my throat", but it should be gula or guttur to refer to the passage inside the neck, the actual gullet, as in "I poured wine down my throat".

Take it with a grain of salt, though!
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Try the English-to-Latin word search from the Perseus Project-- it searches Lewis and Short, which is the definitive Latin dictionary.
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Lewis and Short is a bit old. The Oxford Latin Dictionary would be better, and the ultimate reference is the Thesarus Linguae Latinae, but that is not finished, so won't help if a word starts with a letter from the last parts of the alphabet.

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