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Old 01-10-2014, 10:33 PM
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Posts: 205 Is this site illegal? I think yes.

But I wanted to post this question to the Dopers, so let me have it.

My boss's kids have recently discovered this site. They are watching newly released movies, saying that it's okay because the movies are the copies released to critics for review. I immediately had red flags flying around my brain and suggested to her that they might want to cool it.

Am I right that this could get them into a lot of trouble if they're caught, or is it legitimate? I say no. I googled and Bing'd around for this particular site and had no hits confirming one way or another.

What say you? If it's too good to be true...

Darn it! No S?

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From the site itself:

Disclaimer: Our website workes[sic] like a search engine, gathering and sorting movies from other websites and showing the embbed[sic] code or the direct link.
Any complaint of copyright should drop an email to copyright # (please replace # as @), we will remove the URL the complaint email mentioned in 12 hours..
The site itself is skirting on just this side of legal (if that). I can almost assure you that whatever sites they're embedding the videos from aren't legal.
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Many thanks, Jragon . It just blows me away how easily people can be snowed. I haven't visited the website, so I really appreciate what you've posted.

I'll let her know, but I don't think it will fall on receptive ears. If it's any comfort to her, I certainly do not want her job if she should go to jail. No undermining here!
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Originally Posted by Jungian Camisole View Post
They are watching newly released movies, saying that it's okay because the movies are the copies released to critics for review.
How is that even an argument?
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Because if they're young enough, every movie they've ever wanted to see has been freely available online their whole lives. The reasoning boilerplate is a veritable figleaf.
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Originally Posted by Smeghead View Post
How is that even an argument?
Right?! They're young teenagers, and Mom and Dad are up to their eyeballs in either work or getting a new business off the ground. I think they can find a better caretaker for their children, if you get my drift.

I thought it was a bad idea as soon as Boss Lady opened her mouth. I think my suspicions are confirmed, and I will talk to her in the morning. Thanks for your help.
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They may be "review" copies for critics but they're still under copyright and not open for free distribution. Unless the sites hosting the movies have a distribution agreement with the studios, it's illegal.

For what it's worth though, copyright prosecution is almost always on the distribution end. So the sites hosting the movies could potentially be in a lot of legal trouble but it's doubtful that the end user would be. On the other hand, black or grey-market type sites like this aren't exactly reputable businesses and get a lot of their money from allowing ad hosting from shady outfits that can (and will try to) drop malware on your system.

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actaully fmovief is on google
some countries just doesnt allow that to pass through the internet browsers "i use baidu spark browser" maybe my browser passes it

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