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Late RIP: William Thourlby (Original Marlboro Man)

April, 2013. Not a recognizable name or face, but he has a role in 'classic' bad movie history. He was one of the stars of The Creeping Terror (1964), as well as its biggest single investor.
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Were the makers of Creep! able to interview him? I see him as "himself" in the credit list on IMDb, so I'm hoping that's a yes. I'm really looking forward to this.

I watched him recently in Angel's Flight

I also remember that NY Times article - it was pretty sad.

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By the way, here's the definitive thread on "Creeping Terror.". It's a fun read to start from the very beginning (2006), and work your way forward as various bits of information keep getting uncovered. The producer posts a number of times in it toward the end, but I didn't see where he actually said he interviewd Thourlby. He interviewed just about everyone else still living, whether they make it into the final cut or not. Except one--Louise Lawson. She was the blonde dancing at the dance hall. She wasn't interested in talking about it.
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When I saw the title I immediately was thinking about Marlboro and lung cancer and didn't some of their actors die of it? On checking:

"Four men who claimed to have appeared in Marlboro-related advertisements—Wayne McLaren, David McLean, Dick Hammer and Eric Lawson —died of smoking-related diseases, thus earning Marlboro cigarettes, specifically Marlboro Reds, the nickname "Cowboy killers"."

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