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Need earbuds with a longer cord - where to look?

I'm having the worst time finding earbuds that will work with my desk configuration. The laptop is a good three feet from my chair, and I'd like to be able to reach the printer as well, so we're really talking 7-6 feet here.

I have one set I really like that has a spring-loaded reel at the center of the cord, allowing me to pull it out and lock it in at any length - but while longer than most at 5', they just are not long enough even fully extended.

They also need to come in under about $20-25 at the most.

Any suggestions?

ETA: Need good bass too! LOL!

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Why not get an extension cable and use it with whatever earbuds you like? That'll be a lot less than wireless headphones, which would be the second option.
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I would think you'd be better off looking at wireless options. For a while, I had a pair of Brookstone headphones that used an RF transmitter to achieve about a 15' wireless range. (If you try that, my tip is rechargeable batteries. It'll go through a pair of AAA every two days with regular usage.)

Since then, I've taken to just putting my iPhone in my shirt pocket and playing music through that. If you need the computer's actual sound, someone has developed an iPhone app designed to make your phone a wireless link between a computer and the phone (though the reviews make it sound less than reliable).

If you really do want a cord, it seems like someone with the right experience and tools ought to be able to make you an extender of any length you like and that way you can pick the ear buds you really like for sound and fit without having to prioritize cable length. I would start by calling the kinds of outfits that already do custom speaker installation and see if they can handle that or refer you to someone who can.
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earbud extension cord
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yeah 3 and 6 foot long stereo cords exist. you should be able to find for $2 to $3. buy two, you will eventually loose or break one.

get straight ones. a reel in the center is weight and something to break.
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Cables of all kinds are very cheap from Chinese suppliers on eBay.

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