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What exactly constitutes a "square" of baker's chocolate?

Yes, I know the difference between a square and a rectangle. But I'm not quite sure what a "square" of baker's chocolate is. See this picture. Is a square the two rectangles together, or a single rectangle?
Old 08-06-2014, 05:48 PM
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That's one square. It's in sections like that so you can easily break it into two half squares.
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One square which is equivalent to 1 oz. I verified this many times when I was younger because I had the same question as you.
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Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
One square which is equivalent to 1 oz. I verified this many times when I was younger because I had the same question as you.
Baker here confirming this.
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The half-squares are a pretty recent innovation that has messed up a lot of handed-down recipes. A square had been a square since the Truman Administration, if not before.

Still, it's better than one of my recipes, written out by an aunt in the 1960s, that calls for a "39-cent" container of Cool Whip.
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Then there's the question of what constitutes "one graham cracker" -- the large rectangle? One of the two squares it breaks into? One of the two rectangles that the squares break into?

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