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I am trying to find the formula to calculate the savings erned between two values.

Cost of Item 1 = 1400
Cost of Item 2 = 1600
Q: What percent is saved when buying I1 over I2?

I1/I2=% so 1400/1600 = .87 Or 87%

Now...100-87 = 13.

That "13" should be the savings percentage no? But I can't figure out how to get Excel to calculate that in a formula. Any ideas???? (I have a feeling this is so simple and I'm gonna smack myself in the head when I see it...)
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1 - I1/I2
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Do you mean:

Savings Percentage = (I2 - I1)/I2

Or, in your example, the money you save is $1600-$1400 = $200, and the original cost is $1600, so the savings percentage = ($1600-$1400)/$1600 = 12.5%
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Originally posted by Tretiak
1 - I1/I2
Perfect! Thanks dude! It worked!

I was using: =(D3/G3)-1

Apart from the obvious, D3 and G3 were in the wrong order.
See? I told you I'd be smacking myself in the head...

Zut: Yep. That's what I was looking for.

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