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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
True, but most people are not as picky about putting things in their hand as they are about putting things in their mouth.
But at least you'd know where else it's been.
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Originally Posted by Reply View Post
Wouldn't evolution have selected against this long ago? Men who could autofellate would never find time to seek food, much less mates.
Maybe this is why I became more ambitious after I got a little older and gained weight.
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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
69% minus 1.
wouldn't it really be 34.5% ?
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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
But at least you'd know where else it's been.
Not necessarily. Back in the day, I woke up some weekend mornings with no clue where it had been.
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Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
Not necessarily. Back in the day, I woke up some weekend mornings with no clue where it had been.
Those were the mornings I'd look down and scold it. "Just what have you been up to?!"

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