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Why Does It Hurt to Pee After Sex/Orgasm?

I wished I could have said it nicer. But it something I have always wondered why is it? I figured if anyone would know ya'll would. Thanks.
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Can't help ya. Wondered myself. I have noticed that, for me at least, Nonoxynol-9 makes it even worse.
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I think the better question is WHY THE FARK do you need to post this question three times in about a 15 minute time frame?
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Old 06-06-2001, 06:04 PM
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Because I want my dang question answered. So you BETTER ANSWER IT NOW FARKHEAD!!!.

Sheesh dude, I don't know what happened if the mods would please close two of them I would appreciate it.
Old 06-06-2001, 06:25 PM
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Painful urination after sex is unusual. If you are using a contraceptive cream or jell with spermicide in it, that would explain it.

If you are not, you probably have the clap or Chlamydia.

You've been around here long enough to know that multiple posts of the same question are a big no, no. You also know that insulting people outside of the pit is not allowed.

I expect you are about to be dealt with harshly unless you make conciliatory and apologetic noises.
Old 06-06-2001, 07:19 PM
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I have never had this problem nor known anyone that did. It seems to me there is something wrong with you.
Old 06-06-2001, 07:27 PM
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Possibly prostatitis, a bacteria infection, of which you do need to get some antibiotics. I suggest a urine analysis at the docs, they should be able to do it in the office.

It could be forms of VD but the doc would know.
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Can't say that I've ever had that problem, with or without condoms. I always thought that if it hurt when you pee, then you picked up a bug.
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Does it hurt after sex? Geez. It's been so long that I don't remember.
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After I have an orgasm, I find it impossible to pee until ten or fifteen minutes laster. Everything's too swollen or something immediatly afterwards.
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Men don't pee, men piss.
Women (and children) pee.
If you try to piss immediatly after sex, it's probably what ThisYearsGirl mentioned above. That, and hyper-sensitivity. We're not talking big time pain here, are we?
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