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Tyrone Powers' 3rd wife Debbie (Minardos) Smith

Doing some genealogical research on film actor Tyrone Power whom I met before he died in 1958.

IMDB says in

that Nicholas Minardos (2/15/30-8/27/11) was married twice, first to Dorothy J. Smith from 1/12/54 to 1955 when they divorced, and to Julie A Schact from 4/24/65 to 8/27/11 when he died.

Then it says "His former wife, Debbie Ann Smith, later married Tyrone Power and became his third wife and widow."

Questions: Why the different names (or quantities) for the wife/wives of Nick Minardos? What is correct? Are Dorothy J. Smith and Debbie Ann Smith one and the same, or is one misnamed?

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