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What does jabroni mean? What is the origin of the word?
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Jabroni - Posessing a rooty-toot, monkey ass. Origin, the Rock, circa 1998.
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This has been asked before. .

But I didn't find it with the search engine.

I've heard the term used mostly in connection with pro 'rasslin'. "Jabroni" there is another word for "jobber," or the guys that show up just to get beaten.
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Originally posted by Scylla
Jabroni - Posessing a rooty-toot, monkey ass. Origin, the Rock, circa 1998.

Who has "finally come back to RAW" tonight.

The post above mine is correct. As for origin, I am in the dark on that issue.

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I have a friend at work from Haiti, and he says its derived
from a word that sounds like "Ga-brone".

A gabrone is the dumb schmuck who dosen't know that his woman is screwing around with another guy.
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This word absolutely predates "The Rock." I'm not sure of the origin, but I wonder if it is related to "gavone," which I think means a crass person. Sorry, I am not Italian.
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When a wrestler loses, he is said to be doing the job. A wrestler who loses often is called a jobber, or a jabroni. This term was thrown around on the net for a while by "smart fans" to show they knew "insider terms" of pro-wrestling.
Before The Rock started using the term, it was used by Marc Mero (AKA Sable's husband) when he was feuding with jobber Tom Brandi (or Salvadore Sincere, same guy, I forget which name he was using at the time)
Since The Rock is such a mainstream star now, lots of his catchphrases are common outside of wrestling fans. Now when someone is called a jabroni, its just kind of calling them a loser.
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"Jabroni" is a term as old as he hills; it's older than any living pro wrestler. Depending on where you are, it has been used to describe twits, fools, hicks, jerks and dolts of all types. I've heard that term all my life.
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In a previous thread http://boards.academicpursuits.us/sdmb/...threadid=27195 we heard Duck Duck Goose say
In his bio, all he says about it is that it's an old professional wrestling term from the 1940s, that he heard it from his dad and his dad's friends, who were all professional wrestlers.
JE Lighter, Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, says: jiboney n. [orig. uncertain probably ult.,an Italian word, perh. Milanese giambone 'ham', as calque of U.S. slang HAM; also cf. JAMBONE] Esp. Ital.-Amer; a stupid, foolish, of offensive person; (also) a hired thug; hoodlum; (broadly) a man; fellow. Also jaboney, shaboney, etc.
1921 J. Conway, in Variety, "This giboney comes back with, "Sorry, this is a five-story buildin' and we ain't got no sixth floor."

So the term comes from the Italian, and is in print in the early 20's.

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