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Toilet rough-in ... 12" vs 14"

It's time for a new toilet. I found instructions for measuring the rough-in size. The existing toilet measures 14" from wall to center of bolt but the tank sits a bit over two inches from the wall. Does that mean the toilet was for a 12" rough-in and a new one for 12" would fit just the same ... and a 14" would sit closer to the wall?

I ask because toilets for 14" seem pretty rare and much more expensive. If a new 12" one would fit the same as the current one I would be fine with that and with saving a few hundred dollars.
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Saving a few hundred dollars is a good idea ... and, yes, the 12" backset toilet is fine ... gives you those 2" of air space to keep mold down as well.

Professional tip here: The flange bolts, the two on each side of the base, coat them in Vaseline before you cover them ... that makes undoing then years from now easier.
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Thanks. Off to Lowe's I go for the sale on a nice new Kohler. Will mention the Vaseline thing to the handyman (which I am definitely not).

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