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41 - a time travel sci-fi film

i have just watched a film called 41 here. I love a good sci-fi film, especially a good time travel film. Unfortunately, it's so easy to do them badly.

41 is a very nice film. At heart, it's more a romantic drama than anything else. It's not "about" the time-travel element. The main character learns & thinks & plans. He doesn't narrate to the audience, which I loved. His solutions to the puzzles are straight forward, not overly fancy & seem entirely plausible within his reality.

The main character is a philosophy student. One of his exams is just the question, "Why?" to which he responds, "Why not?". The weird thing is that my grandfather took philosophy back in the 1920s. One of the stories that he related to me in my youth was that one of his exams had been the question, "Why?" to which he had responded, "Why not?" I said, "Not much of an answer." and he replied, "Not much of a question." And, of course, he was quite right. It's one of the weaker moments in the film.

I really enjoyed the ending and the final resolution. Although, honestly, the business about the golf ball was just weird. The goofy bastard deserved to die, IMHO.

Anyway, if you're surfing for something to wile away 90 minutes, and you're looking for a movie with a little less flash & a little more substance, give 41 a try.

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