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Can salicylic acid bleach clothes?

I'm talking about the kind found in OTC skin treatments. Will it bleach (or stain?) clothes?
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Yes. Whenever I've used acne washes and treatments with salicylic acid, my hand towels and pillowcases have become bleached. I would then use only old towels for my face. I just had a neighbor remark that her daughter's towels were losing color and bleaching. I told her it was due to salicylic acid products and she should switch to white towels and pillowcases. I have never had a problem with clothes, but I would think if one were using the products on the body, it would affect clothes in the same way.
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Yes. Like wombattver, I lost a lot of nice towels and washcloths when my daughter was using salicylic acid. She lost a few pairs of pants by wiping her hands across her rear.
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Thank you.

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