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Face Off -- Divide and Conquer

It's a new season of Face-Off and they've once again munged with the format. This season, the teams are divided into two development "houses" that have to compete against each other. Each week, each house picks a new foreman/forewoman to oversee the challenge.

So. The good thing about this format is that the builds are more ambitious. It's essentially a final episode every week, with each team creating (so far) three related characters. The downside is that we only get two designs, rather than a wide variety. Also, because these are team efforts, it's going to take quite a while to get a handle on who is good and who isn't.

I'm a bit worried about the title -- the thing that has historically distinguished Face-Off from other reality shows is the unity among the contestants. They tend to be supportive and help each other. So "Divide and Conquer" does not seem like it augurs well. And there has been a bit more focus on contestants bitching about other contestants in this series, although this could be editing, or just one of the less talented contestants getting snotty when someone calls them on it.

So two teams: Twisted Six and Ethereal Effects.

On Week 1: The challenge was to create a werewolf pack: an alpha, a beta, and an omega. This was a week ago and I haven't rewatched it, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, unlike one of the teams' werewolves where they didn't really have time to apply hair. The thing that struck me the most was that even with a team working, time management seemed to be a big problem. Both teams seemed to be struggling to get their designs done on time. The Winner was

Ethereal Effects whose lumberjack inspired wolf pack looked reasonably cohesive and was fairly well done. The Twisted Six effort, on the other hand...well, remember the character Barf from Spaceballs? Their canine/human hybrids reminded me of John Candy with droopy ears. The omega, I think, was the worst of the lot and resulted in a bottom look/sent home.

Anyone else watching this?
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I've been watching since season 1 and so far I am not impressed much with this new crew. Granted, they are broken up in to teams so its hard to individualize them at the moment, but those werewolves were not good at all.

Twisted Sixes Beta female was horrible. Face was too smooth and angular and the idea of have six breasts/teets was intriguing sure, but they looked more like two human female breasts and then 4 bulgy abdominal muscles. They looked nothing like canine teets at all. And then they chose the largest model to play the Omega wolf who is supposed to be like a runt. It was just not well thought out at all.

I was actually surprised the Six team foreman wasn't eliminated since Ve Neil was so upset that he delegated an inexperienced team member to sculpt the chest piece when she said she had never done one... and it showed.

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