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Hey is it possible to freeze urine and then use it for a drug test at a later date? I have a pre-employment drug test coming up and my friend is going to let me borrow his urine. I was wondering if it would be ok to freeze his urine and then use it for the test? I know I will need to keep it the correct temperature for the test. Thank you for all your replies.
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I don't know, but cool!! Hey, Maybe if you just put it in the fridge, make sure you don't have apple juice with breakfast.
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I'm pretty sure you will not be able to smuggle pee in. On the several occasions I have taken drug pee tests (a couple times for work, but lots more because that's just my fetish {kidding]), a lab assistant is in fairly close proximity, and they take the temperature of said pee with a thermometer on the side of the container.

If you do decide to freeze your friends urine, just don't put a stick in it, especially if there are children in the house. There is nothing more dissapointing on a hot summers day than to end up with a peecicle.
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I'm no expert, but why would you need to freeze it? Does it spoil? If you want it at the right temperature, room temperature would seem to be about right.
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If you freeze urine I would think the water would separate itself and let the sedimentary particles free and then defrosting would further separate things and then warming this frozen/thawed urine to 98 degrees would alter its chemistry further. You'd be better off just covering it in as sterile a container as possible, having your sample as fresh as possible, maybe having your friend go with you to the test site that morning so he can give you a ride when the lab sends you home for trying to falsify a sample, which they see all the time and know 16 more tricks than you do.
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He's going to let you Borrow it?

Does this mean he wants it back?

The best way I've found to pass a piss test is don't take drugs. Works every time.
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Originally posted by Killuminati
I have a pre-employment drug test coming up and my friend is going to let me borrow his urine.

Are you going to return it?

I don't think this is a good idea, being that urine is not at room tempature when it comes out you, they will see this by just by handling the cup, they will think that something is up and ask for another specimen.

Then you are screwed.
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maybe having your friend go with you to the test site that morning so he can give you a ride when the lab sends you home for trying to falsify a sample, which they see all the time and know 16 more tricks than you do.
I agree.

I don't know why so many people think they can fool the lab techs on drug tests. When they test your piss they just don't take it and see..hmm drugs?..Nope, you're clear. They test the temp,the ph balance, the acidity, lack of certain chemicals that makes urine "real", all sorts of things. Putting water in you're sample will make most labs make you take it again because its too diluted and they know that trick. Bleach, ammonia any other chemicals put in your urine will fail too. You can rarely trick the lab.

I agree with Tedster.

The best way to pass a drug test is to NOT DO DRUGS!!
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Re: He's going to let you Borrow it?

Originally posted by Tedster
Does this mean he wants it back?

The best way I've found to pass a piss test is don't take drugs. Works every time.

oh, ok handy!
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Well, assuming you're going to clean up your act, you could dab your finger in ammonia and purposely invalidate the sample. By the time they ask you for a new one, you should be able to pee clean. 'Course, this again requires you to take some responsibility, so I guess you're hosed.
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This a subject with which I am all too familiar. I've posted enough on this board about it if you care to search but basically, I was injured at work (I'm an RN)& piss test was + for pot which I had smoked 2 weeks before.

Ultimately fired from my job of 16 years, went somewhere else, didn't tell them that I had been fired from job #1, fired from Job #2 after a call from an "anonymous source" told them I been fired from Job #1. It seems I was turned in by a former co-worker and supposed friend I ran into at a restaurant. Oh what a tangled web we weave. At no point ever was my job ability in question.

Believe me I researched the whole piss test issue 15 ways to Sunday. And there is only one certain answer. You won't have a positive drug screen if you don't have any drugs in your specimen. Beautiful, simple and 100% do-able. Why even a 3 year child can do it.

I just stopped smoking pot. Period. I can not smoke pot and be an RN at the same time. It was an easy conclusion to come to but I'll admit a hard habit to break.

When I started job hunting again, I went in the personnel offices and just leveled with them all, told the whole sorry story, offered to give them a speciman of anything they desired. Most places were frankly surpised that I had been fired. In fact they were relieved it was pot and no nerve pills, narcotics, or whatever. I got 3 job offers in as many days. Took the best one--one with better pay, benefits and prestige.

>climbing back down off soap box<

in ref to the OP;

How long it takes to produce a clean speciam depends on what the drug is.

Pot takes up to 6 weeks to clear the system
Xanax 1-2 days
valium- 2-3 weeks

But if you are intent on substituting here are the best suggestions.

get an early morning clean speciman, place exactly 4 oz in clean glass jar and set in sun till dehydrated. Scrape all the powder out and store in baggie. When you have the test, reconstitute with 2-3 oz water, and you are are your own how to get it to the tester. All labs follow a strict chain of custody protocol and it is hard to get around it. You will be made to wash your hands before and after producing the speciman, You will be observed in the process, you could be made to strip down to just a gown is they want. It will be tested for drugs, ph, creatinine, specific gravity, color, and the presence of tampering agents.

A refusal is the same a a failed test but it is always better to never give a speciman that you know is dirty, than to go ahead and hope for the best that cause it rarely what you get.
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Pot takes up to 6 weeks to clear the system
I have never been a heavy pot smoker, but when I was younger I did indulge. I passed a drug test on a Monday after I had smoked the weekend before. I think if you are a heavy pot smoker, it will stay in your system 6 weeks, or else they didn't really test my pee. I would think faking the test would be difficult, when I had to take them there were rules; I couldn't use the sink or flush the toilet, they did let me go into the bathroom alone but I did hear of other people that were escorted into the bathroom and were observed peeing into the cup. They do check the temperature and it better be 98.6 degrees (or darn close) or you'll have to do it again, this time with an obsevrer. That's my experience.
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