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I mean, what kind of store? I don't want to order it. I want it now, dammit!
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YellowPages.....Chemicals, Retail....Call first.
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Possibly at a store that sells supplies for tropical fish.
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MSDS for Strontium Chloride: Basically, use goggles and a lab apron. Don't eat it and don't inhale its dust. Otherwise, it's pretty safe.

Information about Strontium Chloride (Sr 89) as a radiopharmaceutical.: Sr 89 is a radioactive isotope of Strontium. It's used as a diagnostic aid and to relieve the pain of bone cancer.

Apparently, Strontium Chloride doesn't taste very good. And so you shouldn't add SrCl2 to your toothpaste.
"Ridicule is the only weapon that can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them."
If you don't stop to analyze the snot spray, you are missing that which is best in life. - Miller
I'm not sure why this is, but I actually find this idea grosser than cannibalism. - Excalibre, after reading one of my surefire million-seller business plans.

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