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Old 11-08-2001, 01:49 AM
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There is a piece of drug paraphenalia used to smoke marijuana called a one-hitter. It's a small wooden container with a cavity in it that can hold your pot and a hole with a spring in the bottom of it that holds a metal tube that you push into the pot so that it gets some in the end, and then you smoke the tube like a cigarette. Anyway, I know that shops that sell stuff like this to not ask for items by the slang name for legal reasons (if you sell someone a bong, you are selling drug paraphenalia, if you sell them a water pipe it's all good), but I don't know what the generic name for these things is. I've also seen them called dugouts, but that's a brand name I believe. At this site they are calling them 'Tobacco Taster Smoking Systems', but I have a feeling that's a brand name too.

So what would you call one?
Old 11-08-2001, 10:21 AM
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I'd call it drug paraphernalia. Kids these days. No respect for the traditions. Whatever happened to good, old cigarette papers? Why, when I was a boy, people had to roll their own joints, and they were GLAD to have them!
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ROFL! Ah yes, the Boomers must be transitioning to old-fogeydom. "In my day, we didn't have any of these new-fangled drugs like Ecstasy! We had home-grown marijuana and LSD! And we were happy! Really, really, groovily-AAHH! IT'S TRYING TO EAT ME! Uh, sorry, little flashback there ... what was I saying?"
"You won't like me when I'm angry. Because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources." -- The Credible Hulk
Old 11-08-2001, 11:35 PM
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Hey, I can roll with the best of them, though I admit I didn't learn how until I was 21, before then I either used a pipe or someone else rolled it. I sat down with a bag, a pack of zags, and a lot of determination and after ruining 5 papers I finally got it.

One-hitters are pretty handy, though. If you have some really nice smoke that you can and want to make last, I think it's better than rolling or using a bowl if you're the only one smoking. There's also the advantage that you often forget about it and when you run out you have a backup reserve.
Old 11-09-2001, 01:27 AM
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We always called them "pinch-hitters". Thats not gonna help you much. Aren't they just sitting out under a glass case by the register. Thats how I've allways seen my parephenalia at assorted head shops. I dont like them much myself. I dont like "rolled" smoke either though. I prefer it through a tobacco water pipe or regular pipe. "one-hitters" are good for concerts and stuff though.
Old 11-09-2001, 01:35 AM
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In my day those derelicts who used mind altering substances used an equivalent "one-hitter" for a single toke. It was called a chillum and invoved making a fist with the chillum between two fingers and drawing that blessed smoke through the circle of thumb and forefinger. Only a few inches long and more portable than the bong.
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A dugout is the "slang" name given if you ask the nice man behind the counter for one, he would more then likley know what you mean.
Old 11-09-2001, 02:38 AM
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Originally posted by cell_420
A dugout is the "slang" name given if you ask the nice man behind the counter for one, he would more then likley know what you mean.
I know what the slang terms for them are, but the problem is that many places that sell the things will refuse to sell to you and ask you to leave the store if you refer to an item by it's 'drug paraphenalia' name, as opposed to the name it would be called by if used for smoking something legal. A lot of head shops in the Dallas area have signs up about this - true, most have the stuff under glass so you can point, so the question is inspired more by idle curiosity than a practical need.
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slight hijack

we have those same signs out here in ca they usually say something to the effect

"our pipes are for tobacco use only please do not refer to then as drug related items" or something along

Of course this sign is usually next to high times magazine in front of the bob marley pot leaf mural

and calling them bongs ect will get ya kicked out and such in a snit

it just strikes ya as an absurd lesson in hypocrisy
"its easier and better to get forgiven than permission"

"theres no point in telling me that the wisdom of a fool cant set me free "
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Just go to a head shop, find what you are looking for, point to it and ask the man behind the counter, "That's interesting; what is it called?" Many shops have signs that say something like, "We sell tobacco products, not drug parephernalia. If you don't know what something is called, just point."

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