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For all questions, comments, and complaints about the SDMB. This is also the place for test threads.
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Say what you really think. Please, don't gush. And for comments on Staff Reports (formerly called "Mailbag Answers") contributed by the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board.
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Got a factual question for the Teeming Millions (and possibly Cecil) to consider? Post it here.
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For long-running discussions of the great questions of our time. This is also the place for religious debates and (if you feel you must) witnessing.
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by Ramira
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For discussion of elections and electoral politics, including strategy and tactics, political parties, individual races, political news, and politicians and public figures.
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Our salon for art, drama, literature, movies, music, comics, cuisine -- all the artistic disciplines -- if it's about creativity, entertainment, or leisure, it goes here.
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For games and sports of all sorts, including video games, board games, party games, role-playing games, cards, and puzzles.
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In which the thread is the game.
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“What's your favorite ...?” For frank exchanges of views on less-than-cosmic topics. This is also the place for polling.
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For general discussion: from frivolous chatter to deep thoughts; from harmless diversions to life-changing announcements.
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Got stuff to sell? Assuming (a) it's legal and (b) you're a subscriber, here's the place to do it.
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For rants about the world or beefs with another poster. Comments and complaints about SDMB administration should go in About This Message Board.
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