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Jake 11-15-2008 05:04 PM

"Strike Zone" Printed On Laptop
My Dell 1501 laptop has "Strike Zone" printed on it's underside. Does anyone know what this means?
Is it where I clobber the damn thing when it crashes? What a great idea!

astro 11-15-2008 06:14 PM


Combines durable components, sturdy design, over 13000 hours of Dell's rigorous quality testing, efficient heat management and the 'Strike-Zone' hard drive shock absorber to help keep your laptop and data safe from those minor bumps, shakes and drops that are the
reality of life on the go
Hard drive feature / logo

Reply 11-16-2008 05:41 AM

Yep, it's a hard drive shock absorber. I think this is the related Dell patent, if you're interested.

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