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Originally posted by yola
A big reason the Vietnam conflict was so unpopular was the draft lottery at the time. You could get a college deferment for only so long. .
The lottery was in effect for a very short period of time. Those who had deferments when the lottery was invented, had their choice of keeping their deferments, or placing themselves in the lottery pool.

You could get a college deferment for 5 years if you went for a double major. After graduation, you could still get a job with an occupational deferment. If you could not get a deferment, you could live in Canada for a couple of years.

Nixon quickly ended the draft/lottery. Nixon started removing troops from vietnam in 1970.

It wasnt until after Nixon ended the draft and after he de-escalated the war that support for the war among the pro-war people decreased - out of frustration of not winning.
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